Where to Buy Your Leather Jackets?

So you’re contemplating buying a leather jacket online. Great! You obviously have a lot of choice and the one question always is; which store should I choose? Luckily, I’ve got this one for you.

Five Things to Do Before You Shop At an Online Store

1) Check for Store Reviews by other buyers. But do keep in mind that a single bad review should not be the deciding factor. If you see a pattern though, for e.g; late delivery, poor quality etc, you should be concerned.

2) Are they offering shipping in your area?

3) Do they have a good return policy?

4) Can you contact them easily? Phone, Live Chat, Email etc.

5) Is your information safe? Usually a quick online lookup will tell you that.

You Have Found a Store! Awesome! Few More Things to Do Now

1) Look and keep looking until you find what you want.

2) Make sure you use all the data provided by the store to make sure it fits you right. For e.g: If you’re buying a leather jacket online, you need to consult the size guide to make sure the leather jacket will fit you. Some stores, like leatherHERE, do give you the option to give custom measurements.

3) Use the Live Chat feature, if available, to get help.

4) Make use of promotions and deals within the store. Buy 1 get 50% Off on the 2nd, Free Shipping on orders over $100 etc.

5) Try and use PayPal if you can. It is just easier and secure since you can rely on PayPal for help should there be a dispute.

6) Mark your calendar for the delivery date.

You Have Received Your Leather Jacket. Now what?

Hopefully you have liked your newly arrived leather jacket that you bought online. Now it is time for you to show your appreciation. Three things you absolutely MUST do.

1) Let the seller know what you liked and what you didn’t like. Feedback is very important and many stores love to listen so they can improve themselves.

2) Post a review online. Your private communication does not benefit anybody but the store directly. But you can help the next buyer with your experience. And by that, I do mean your honest experience.

3) Post on Social Media. Show your friends and family what you got. Refer them to the store. leatherHERE for one gives you great rewards on referrals. But even if that was not the case, you should always help promote and spread the good word.

Feel free to email any questions to info@leatherhere.com.

xo, LeatherHERE



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