The Succulent Smell of Leather

A leather jacket is so much more complex than just clothing. A leather jacket is the epitome of style and grace. It can mean so many things, so much can be expressed by this one article of clothing. Yet, we denounce it by calling it a leather jacket.

Leather, one of the most beautiful, natural garments to exist is always taken from the healthiest cows and lambs. Carefully cut with the utmost precision, only using  the softest and smoothest skins for a jacket. The smell itself is intoxicating, rich and natural like fresh greenery.

The natural beauty from the skins is always translated into a stunning jacket. The versatility and malleability of leather is truly astonishing. It can be dyed into all colors of the spectrum and be shaped into leather coats, leather jackets, leather shoes. Frankly, allowing an endless list of possibility.

The leather is mended into quilted shoulders or ruche sleeves, but it always remains exquisite. It is truly an appreciable work of art, a leather jacket, that no other garment can compare.

And it always smells exhilarating.

xo, LeatherHERE


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