365 Days of Leather

Leather…So Sweet. So Sexy. So Stunning.

Gone are the archaic days when leather was considered a garment for just warmth. Leather, now, is a fabric of class, style, elegance. Leather is sophistication, power, and sass.

A woman strutting in a sexy leather pant or a man in a hot leather biker jacket demand respect and attention. Leather is one of those hard to miss, head turning fabrics that is insatiably popular. You cannot get enough.

What was once a winter only fabric is now rocked throughout the year. Leather handbags are the fastest, growing and hottest commodity for all seasons. Leather jackets perfect for your winter night or a motorcycle ride out in the Spring. Leather pants make a statement in the Fall. Leather casings keep your electronics safe.

Leather has everyone on edge and obsessed. Being one of the most malleable and durable fabrics it can be molded and styled into anything. Leather goods make a perfect luxury item, that will not only scream opulence but will be able to last a lifetime.

Leather. We want all of you, every second, of everyday.

xo, leatherHERE



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